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Use a Computer

The library has public computers with Internet access. This describes what we have and how to use them.

Public Use Computers    2010 Publisher Class

There are five window based public use computers along with a scanner, color and black & white printers, photo editing software and CD burning capability.

There is a sixty minute limit for computer use and patrons doing homework will be given preference over patrons who are gaming or surfing the Internet if all computers are in use.


Along with the public use computers, the library has a wireless connection.  Anyone with a laptop and a wireless card,e-readers or wireless tablet devices can connect to the Interet at the library.

Consent form required to use the Internet

All patrons using the internet either on library computers or when accessing the library's wireless connection must sign an Internet Consent Form. A parent or guardian must sign for anyone under the age of 18.

By signing an Internet consent form the person agrees to use the internet responsibly.  Anyone who goes to an inappropriate website will be asked not to do so.  If the problem continues, the patron will loose their Internet priveleges at the discretion of the library staff.