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2018 SUMMER READING PROGRAM .......... Slogan 9 1

Check out all the activities planned for the 2018 Summer Reading Program. The Summer Reading Program will begin on Wednesday, June 13 at 10:30 AM at the Garnavillo Public Library. The library will have a program each Wednesday morning for approximately one hour on these days and will always start at 10:30 AM. The programming will end on July 25 with the Award and Lunch event.

There are two options to sign up for the summer program....  

Option # 1 ..... Come to the library and fill out a form. The forms will be available on Saturday, June 2, 2018.

Option # 2 ...... Sign up by clicking on the tab located at the top of the library website page.(Available June 2, 2018)  Just fill out the form and click on 'send' at the bottom of the form.      

Books that you read will not be count until the first day of the program which is Wednesday, June 13, 2018.

Each week there is a guessing jar contest filled with item and also a weekly drawing for non--readers, easy, juvenile and adult levels to win prizes. The treasure chest will be in full swing again this year.... for every 5 books that you read and mark down on your reading chart, you will be able to choose an item out of the treasure chest. Check with the librarians if you have any questions.

The special guessing contest game this year is related to our theme "Libraries Rock". Guess the number of items in the jar and you could win the jar at the end of the program.

2018 Summer Reading Program

All programs are on Wednesdays at 10:30 AM

June 13, 2018 - Rock the Library: Go Marching with Pete the Cat, Paxine and Floyd

June 20, 2018 - "Violins Rock" with Kristen Halverson

June 27, 2018 - "Celebrate with Mo" and Mrs. Meyer

July 4, 2018 - Library Closed for the holiday

July 11, 2018 - "Zumba Rocks" with Kerry Martin

July 18, 2018 - "Nature Rocks" with the Osborne Nature Center

July 25, 2018 - Awards and Lunch Program .... Check out this page for  *WEEK 6* for a complete list of contract winners

Libraries Rock Week One  Libraries Rock Week One    Libraries Rock Week One   Libraries Rock Week One    N Book Slogan colored                    

Week 1: June 13, 2018 ....  Rock the Library: Go Marching with Pete the cat, Paxine and Floyd was a big success for the first program of the 2018 season. Pete the cat was the topic for the day with Paxine reading a story called, "The Petes Go Marching" by James Dean. Everyone decorated a paper hat and then went marching outside with Paxine. Forty two children and fifteen adults attended the program and the children went home with a treat of Pop Rocks to go with this years theme of 'Libraries Rock'.

masha the cat   100 0048  Libraries Rock Week Two   Libraries Rock Week Two  Slogan 9 1

Week 2: June 20, 2018 .... "Violins Rock" with Kristen Halverson.  An Iowa author from Elkader, read her book 'The Tale of Masha: A Cats Magical Meatball' and the group took a tour of Masha and the violins. The group decorated masks as was described in the book. Seventy eight children and over twenty adults attended this program.

 Libraries Rock Week 3   LIbraires Rock Week 3   Libaries Rock Week 3  Slogan 1

Week 3: June 27, 2018 ....  "Celebrate with Mo and Mrs. Meyer"was presented by NaDyne Meyer. Several books written by Mo Willems was read to the group of 48 children and 20 adults. Story hour was very interactive with the group. During the program the children had to find 10 paper pigeons that were hidden in the children's section of the library. Everyone had a chance to make a Piggie or Elephant puppet which are some of Mo Willems characters in his books. Everyone enjoyed a cookie shaped and decorated like a bus that was mentioned in one of the stories.

zumba  Week 4 Libraries Rock  Week4 Libraries Roack  Week 4 Libraires Rock Slogan 4

Week 4: July 11, 2018 .... 'Zumba Rocks' with Kerry Martin was a huge success with 48 children attending. The story 'CLAP' by Uncle Ian Aurora was read and then everyone went outside to have some 'Kids ZUMBA' fun. Kerry brought drinks for the children to enjoy after the Zumba activities were finished.

NatureRocksWeek 5 Libraries Rock  Week 5 Libraries Rock  Week 5 Libraries Rock

Week 5: July 18, 2018 .... "Nature Rocks" with the Osborne Nature Center presented by Summer Naturalists, Samantha Hanson and Emma Kerns. Samantha Hanson read a story to the children about animals. Emma Kerns joined in when everyone had a chance to use different animal calls to make a band. Some of the sounds were: turkey, birds, deer antler rattles and more. Everyone was given paper to draw a rock band with their favorite animal. As the children left the library they were given a small musical instrument so they can form a band of their own at home. NATURE ROCKS!

Slogan 1 Non- Reader contract winners for the 2018 Summer Reading Program - LIBRARIES ROCK   Easy Readers contract winners for the 2018 Summer Reading Program, Libraries Rock   Juvenile Reader contract winners for the 2018 Summer Reading Program, Libraries Rock!   Awards and Lunch on July 25, 2018 for the Summer Reading Program, Libraries Rock!

Week 6:  .... Awards and Lunch Program.. The Summer Reading Program - Libraries Rock ended on July 25, 2018 at the Garnavillo Public Library with 78 children enrolled in the summer program. Each child was eligible for a prize if they completed their reading contracts and if their name was drawn they would receive one of the three prizes in each of the three reading levels. The winners for the non-reading level are Lilliana Porter, Alexus Rieck, Amber Rieck, Felix Dugan, Levi Hansel and Maddox Dugan. Easy Reader level winners are Paislee Hansel, Sienna Seevers, Alyee Rieck, Karter Wille, Benjamin Kite and Bryer Rieck. Juvenile Reader level winners are Karly Wille, Evelyn Fritz, Billie Rieck, McKlain Bankes, Taggart Kite and Randy Sarazua. The winner of the Music Jar contest was Joshua Stade with a guess of 69, the actual number of items in the jar was 71. After the awards were handed out a light lunch was served.