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Check out all the activities planned for the 2017 Summer Reading Program. The Summer Reading Program will begin on June 21 at 10:30 AM at the Garnavillo Public Library. The library will have a program each Wednesday morning for approximately one hour on these days and will always start at 10:30 AM. The programming will end on July 26 with the Award and Lunch Event. 

Sign up for the program online, beginning May 21, 2017 by clicking on the tab located at the top of the library website. Just fill out the form and send it to the library.

Another option is to sign up in person by coming in to the library for a form. This option will start on June 1, 2017. Books that you read will not count until the first day of the program which is Wednesday, June 21, 2017.

Each week there is a guessing jar contest filled with items and also a weekly drawing for non-readers, easy, juvenile and adult reading levels to win prizes.

This year we will have a Lego guessing contest. Guess the correct number of LEGOS in the jar and you could win the jar at the end of the summer program. ( just a hint, it is over 500 pieces) Contest will end on July 25 and the winner will be announced at the Award and Lunch event.

Summer Reading Program

All programs are on Wednesdays at 10:30 AM.

June 21 - Paxine and Floyd will be talking about Sharing Edible Flowers.

June 28 - Come and "Be Cool with Pete the Cat." and NaDyne Meyer

July 5 - Clayton County Librarians Association will present a program on " Build a Better World."

July 12 - "The Three Little Pigs" will be presented by Erica Collins

July 19 - The Osborne Nature Center presenting: "The Lorax."

July 26 - Awards and Lunch Program

    Paxine   Week One Summer Reading Program  Week One Summer Reading Program

Week 1: June 21, 2017 .... Sharing Edible Flowers with Paxine and Floyd started with the story "Koala and the Flowers" by Mary Murphy. The children then made 3 flowers out of tootsie pops and tissue paper to take home. It was suggested that they share one of the flower creations with someone special. Forty two children attended the first week program for the summer.

Week 2 Summer Reading Program Week 2 Summer Reading Program  Week 2 Summer Reading Program 

Week 2 : June 28, 2017  “Come and Be Cool with Pete the Cat” and NaDyne Meyer was the program for the day. Four Pete the Cat books written by Eric Litwin were read to the group. Everyone had on a “Pete the Cat” headband for the program, even the adults. During the program everyone decorated Pete the Cat – Groovy Sunglasses to wear. Finishing up the program everyone made Pete the Cat cookies out of graham crackers, frosting and 4 groovy candy buttons, as mentioned in one of the books. Forty five kids attended this cool program with Pete the Cat and NaDyne Meyer.

EL spotsCOLOR 3  Build a Better World with CCLA   Build a Better World with CCLA  Build a Better World with CCLA 

Week 3 : July 5, 2017 ....  "Build a Better World"  was presented by several members of The Clayton County Library Association. Everyone had a turn at the builders obstacle course and then finished up with several games of bingo. Forty five children attended this summer program.

Pigs Week Four Summer Reading Program  Week Four Summer Reading Program  week Four Summer Reading ProgramWeek Four Summer Reading Program 

Week 4 : On July 12,  2017 at the Garnavillo Public Library , Erica Collins  read the books “The Fourth Little Pig” by Teresa Celsi and “ The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs” by A. Wolf as told to Jon Scieszka. 24 children attended the program. After the story everyone decorated a piggy bank to take home.

EL spotsCOLOR 14 Week 5 Summer Reading Program   Week 5 Summer Reading ProgramWeek 5 Summer Reading Program

Week 5 : July 19, 2017 ....Summer Naturalist, Samantha Hanson with the Osborne Nature Center presented the program the "LORAX". This nature adventure talked about how the LORAX was making shirts out of trees. Everyone was given a rock to put their name on and to decorate so it would remind them to be good to the trees and nature. 

build  Week 6 Summer Reading Program  Week 6 Summer Reading Program  Week 6 Summer Reading Program  Week 6 Summer Reading Program

Week 6 : July 26, 2017 was the last day for the 2017 Summer Program. "Build a Better World" was a great success! Pictured above are some of the grand prize winners in the different reading levels. The Lego Guessing Game jar had 954 pieces in the jar, the winner guessed 953. Congratulations to all the readers for participating in this years program.